About Us

“We believe that integrity, hard work, effective planning and execution creates breakthrough in businesses and help us become a world level company in dental industry ” is a concept launched by team Ad Hoc Healthcare (Ad Hoc Healthcare Supply and Services Private Limited) a start up company  focused on researching, developing and promoting healthcare equipment’s, products, instruments, materials and much more.

Through, Ohodent we aim to  brings in thousands of manufacturers and tens of thousands of healthcare institutions into a single e-commerce platform, thereby creating the go-to platform for reliable discovery of better quality products, their best prices and offer our customers (whom we call – Ohodent Buddies) unlock 20-30% discounted price than any other e-commerce or offline platforms.

Our Recognitions :

Problems we Identified​

Our Global survey made us realize that the main pain points dentist’s face are as follows:

Dentist's aware of life cycle assessment of dental products (LCA)
Dentist's with No Competent advisors
Dentist's aware of environmental friendly products
Doctor's agree that reselling older equipment at clinic is tedious

Why Us?

Ohodent will emerge as a novel and sustainable one click solution for the following problems in dental and healthcare as promised by team Ad Hoc Healthcare.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”

We will be bringing novel software technologies and innovations to drive these preposterous changes.

Networking to Build Trust:

We agree that social media sites have increased the customer engagement cycle for building connections, interactions, sharing satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and advocacy, but beyond that we believe in the need for bringing personal touch for online platforms.

People love to stay connected with trusted people!

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